Rocket Nation Spotlight Part 9 – Brad Windbigler

In September 1983, as a rising sophomore at UToledo, some friends from high school asked me to join them at a gathering. A group of men were talking about starting a new fraternity at UToledo. Forty years later I’m grateful that I took their advice and got involved in Kappa Delta Rho Fraternity. Thank you Timothy Lemoine P.E. and Jim Schubargo!

During the 1990’s KDR evolved into a dominate student organization with great leaders like Douglas M RammelChad RuppMatt Armstead and countless others leading the way in Student Government and Blue Key Honor Society.

Their leadership and mentoring led to Brad Windbigler joining our brotherhood. Brad is a born leader. He took things to an even higher level. Brad served The Rocket Nation in many student leadership positions and as Student Government President in 1996-97. Brad represents everything that is great about UToledo, The Rocket Nation, and Kappa Delta Rho Fraternity.

Tonight, in a few short hours, Brad will be honored as the 2023 UToledo Honors College Alumnus of The Year. A well deserved moment for Brad and a proud moment for The Rocket Nation. Brad’s credentials speak for themselves:

Treasurer – Arrow Electronics
Head of Treasury and Investor Relations – Western Union
Senior Manager, M&A and Capital Markets – Lucent Technologies

Congratulations Brad on your life’s work and for being a great representative of what it means to be a member of The Rocket Nation. Thank you for making the trip from Denver! Honor Super Omnia!