Company and Individual Assessments

Pinpoint Gaps In Your Networking and Relationship Management Approach, Knowledge and Skills.

What Networking and Relationship Management Framework Are You Using?

We use The Rocket Networker Framework™ to assess your employees provides a baseline to work from when improving performance. We assess their knowledge, skills, experience and approach to:

  • Strategy for networking and relationship management.
  • Adding people to their network.
  • Engaging people in their network.
  • Leveraging technology to network and manage relationships.

You can use The Rocket Networker Assessment to evaluate individuals or teams. We believe it is a prerequisite to building an effective training program, series or keynote presentation.


ArmatureEBS Framework
Strategy For Networking & Relationship Management
  • Overcome reluctance to network
  • Develop personal brand
  • Define targets
  • Select topics to discuss
  • Assign metrics
Add People To Your Network
  • Find the right people to connect with
  • Approach people
  • Converse with people
  • Ask for advice, info and referrals
Engage People In Your Network
  • Organize, segment and prioritize contacts
  • Monitor network for conversation triggers
  • Consistently follow-up to stay top of mind
  • Ask people for referrals, leads, and advice
Leverage Technology 
  • Social Media
  • Online Research i.e. LinkedIn
  • Contact Management
  • Automate follow-up activities

We Provide You With:

  • Briefings on The Rocket Networker Framework™
  • Online Self-Assessments that are quick to complete
  • Focus Group Assessments to dig deeper into and clarify problem areas
  • One-on-One Interviews to uncover hidden perspectives
  • Document Assessment to determine if they exist, are complete and are used
  • Report with priorities and recommendations

Pricing Options

Individual Assessment

$99/per person
  • Online Self-Assessment
  • One-on-One Interview (1-hour via Zoom or Teams)
  • Summary Report with Recommendations (Microsoft Word or PowerPoint)
  • Summary Review Meeting (up to 2-hours via Zoom or Teams)