Rocket Nation Recovery Part 58 – UToledo Update

Is it true that the:

  • Number of direct from high school students registered for Fall 2024 orientation programs in June and July are down by 25% from last year?
  • UT Hospital recently lost yet another one of its large physician practices putting its ability to financially breakeven in further jeopardy?
  • Recently announced college mergers will have no financial impact until 2025/26?
  • UT budget must be balanced each year as required by law?
  • UT Foundation reserve account has provided $3-$8M per year for a decade to help cover UT budget deficits?
  • Provosts Office was informed by UT’s top leader that an additional $7-$10M will be withdrawn from the UT Foundation reserve account to cover the 2024/2025 budget gap?
  • Board of trustees still has not received or approved an enrollment plan for 2024-2029?
  • Interim Vice President of Enrollment’s 6-month contract expires in June with no search for a permanent leader underway?

If you were a UT donor, would you want your dollars to be used to cover the budget gap with:

  • No board of trustee approved enrollment plan in place?
  • An interim Provost?
  • An interim VP Enrollment?
  • Multiple interim Deans?
  • A President entering the last year of their contract?

Is it possible that your dollars are continuously being wasted by poor decision making and frivolous inefficiencies?

If you were a trustee preparing for the April board meeting would you vote yes to approve:

  • A large, additional withdrawal from the UT Foundation reserve account to cover the 2024/25 budget gap?
  • Contract extensions for UT leaders?
  • Year end bonuses and base pay raises for UT leaders in June?
  • Continued use of interim executives?

If you were a forward looking trustee on the UT Foundation or Alumni Association boards representing The Rocket Nation, would you immediately demand tactical proof of performance including:

  • An enrollment forecast for every high school in those states that includes specific goals for how many juniors and seniors UT will focus on admitting in Fall 2024 and Fall 2025?
  • Weekly reports on the number of field visits to high schools made by admissions staff in OH, MI, IN, PA and KY?
  • Weekly action plan updates for each high school including tasks completed, outcomes achieved and an?
  • Weekly metrics to hold UT leaders and trustees accountable?

Is it time for a vote of yes/no confidence in UT leaders to be submitted to the UT Board of Trustees before their April board meeting by:

  • Faculty Senate?
  • UT union leaders?
  • UT Foundation trustees?
  • UT Alumni Association trustees?

Is it time for change or continued business as usual?

It’s ok to feel uncomfortable in a crisis. Please pray for thoughtful, compassionate accountability and urgent actions to revitalize The Rocket Nation.