Rocket Nation Recovery Part 51 – “Thousands converge on BGSU campus for Presidents Day Open House” read a local newspaper headline. Thousands of pictures are circulating on Facebook, X and LinkedIn of President Rodney Rogers personally welcoming potential students and their families to campus. Where was UT leadership on Presidents Day?

UT trustees will attend sub-committee meetings this week to prepare for next weeks board meeting. Is it true they will learn that UTMC:

  • Hospital barely broke even from June 2023 to December 2023?
  • Physicians Group lost yet another physician practice, cardiovascular placing even greater pressure on future revenue?
  • Hospital has been investing 80% less than their competitors in technology advancements and facilities with no cash reserve to close the gap?

Is it possible that UT trustees have focused so heavily on getting the hospital to breakeven they sacrificed its future financial viability?

Have UT leaders been so distracted by the hospital solvency problems they have ignored overall UT enrollment, financials and morale?

Is it true that a couple of the eight UT trustees have publicly stated they are so grateful to UT’s top leader for getting the hospital to breakeven they are ok with the enrollment, financial and morale collapse of UT? If that is true, should those trustees step down?

Is it true that trustees from the University of Minnesota – Duluth have shared that UT trustees will learn from UT’s top leader that:

  • A new Provost has been hired with little to know historic knowledge of UT or Toledo?
  • The contract will be for 3-years due to their impending retirement?
  • They will be the highest paid Provost in UT history?
  • Will be expected to cut $10-$12M in budget, faculty and staff in their first 90-days?

If you were a trustee attending the board meeting would you ask for a public yes/no vote of confidence in UT’s top leader? Rocket Nation is it time to ask your board of trustees to take a public vote?

As a trustee, would you be so confident in the UTMC hospital financials that you would place your own money and reputation on the line?

Please join me in praying for and supporting the new Provost, the 10th in 18-years. They did not cause the UT disaster. Ethically, it makes no sense to abdicate solving UT’s problems to an outsider. With that said, we need to rally The Rocket Nation to help them quickly orient to UT and Toledo. Driving emergency change in a $1B business in crisis is no small task, especially as an outsider. The right thing to do is help them. And that we will do!

It’s ok to feel uncomfortable in a crisis. Please pray for thoughtful, compassionate accountability and urgent actions to revitalize The Rocket Nation.