┬áRocket Nation Recovery 48 – UToledo Spring 2024 Enrollment

If you were a trustee, would you want to know if the information below is true?

  • Spring 2024 Total Enrollment = 13, 951
  • Forecast May Graduation = 2,000
  • Forecast Non-Retuning Students for Fall 2024 = 400
  • Estimated Fall 2024 Returning Student Enrollment = 11,551
  • Estimated Total Fall 2024 New First Year Students Required To Breakeven With Fall 2023 = 3,462 (to get back to 15,013).

For Fall 2024 is it true that:

  • The most recent Fall 2024 Recruitment Funnel Report shows that projected Total New First Time Students is flat compared to this time last year? If true, does that mean that UT will bring in less than 2,200 new students in Fall 2024 and has zero probability of attracting 3,462 new students for Fall 2024?
  • UT had difficulties updating their software with FAFSA changes so their financial aid letters were late getting to high school seniors compared to OU, Miami, BGSU, OSU, Cincy? How did UT’s top leader respond?
  • Total Fall 2024 enrollment is forecast between 13,700 to 14,300 students or a 700 to 1,300 decline from Fall 2023?
  • The projected enrollment decline will cause another $10-$15M budget cut in 2024?

For Fall 2025 is it true that:

  • The 30% decline in graduating high school seniors has caused other universities in Ohio and around the country to dramatically increase their field based recruiting within a 100-mile radius of Toledo?
  • UT is forecasting a total enrollment of 12,800 to 13,200 for Fall 2025?

Is it possible that the decisions made by UT leaders to stop field based recruiting in Ohio and Michigan and start recruiting in Washington DC, Charlotte, Atlanta, Nashville and Texas have had a catastrophic impact on enrollment?

After 3-years, is it possible that UT’s top leaders do not have the operational experience, energy, internal support, community support, or love of UToledo and Toledo to stop the enrollment crisis?

Is it time to:

  • Stop the charade and face the reality of flawed and abdicated decision making?
  • Immediately install a high energy, charismatic, hands-on, crisis manager to urgently take control?
  • Have everyone of UT’s top leaders stop their travel to conferences and get in the car to visit the top 800 high schools in Ohio and Michigan?
  • Hold UT’s top leaders accountable?

If you were a trustee, how confident are you that UT leaders know how to address the enrollment disaster? Are you so confident that you are willing to place your own money, ethics, and reputation on the line?

Is it time for the trustees to vote? Is it time to selflessly and courageously stand up and do the right thing?

It’s ok to feel uncomfortable in a crisis. Please pray for thoughtful, compassionate accountability and urgent actions to revitalize The Rocket Nation.