Rocket Nation Recovery Part 41 – great article. Yes, history shows that when UToledo Football appears on national TV website visits, inquiries, and enrollment applications go up. 

Yes, UT total enrollment is15,013. But what about the:
• 1,100+ high school CCP students?
• 1,300 graduating next week?
• 150-300 that drop out before January?

Is it true that January 2023 total enrollment will be around 13,200 minus 1,100+ high school students?

So, what will happen to enrollment in Fall 2024 if UT Football plays on New Year’s Day, and a flood of inquiries and applications come in? What steps have UT leaders taken to tactically prepare to convert a New Years Day flood into a watershed of 4,000 new students?

Coach Candles 10-1 record suggests that he has evolved and adjusted his tactics over the past four years. His courage and tenacity are commendable!

What does UT leaders 0-4 enrollment and academic recruiting record suggest about the decisions they have made over the past four years? Are UT leaders capable of converting the flood of inquires and applications into new students?

UT leaders are pointing to the removal of the 30+ month Interim VP Enrollment from North Carolina as a change in direction. But who made the decision to set up this interim position in North Carolina in the first place? What has changed in UT leaders decision making capability today vs. four years ago?

If you were a trustee, what is your analysis of the Enrollment Funnel Report and the Enrollment Census Tracking Report showing? Does your analysis suggest that UT leaders have made the right decisions over the past four years to drive enrollment?

How confident are you in UT leaders ability to tactically lead an enrollment and academic recruiting victory? Do UT leaders have grassroots support from within the institution?

Here’s one of hundreds of testimonials that have poured in from concerned UT alums who have recently visited campus with their children – – the CEO of middle market company in Northwest Ohio.

“In regards to your recent post with point #7 regarding campus tours. I took my HS senior son on a tour of BG and UT back to back Fridays this fall and the experience was night and day. He is a future falcon. I am a 3-time grad of UT and I would have chosen BG too. What happened to knowledge transfer about UT history, culture, values and famous alums? Why are UT tour guides talking about BGSU? The admissions people were nice. But they simply have not been trained about UToledo.”

With UT leaders forecasting two more years of enrollment decline, is it time for a dramatic and urgent change in direction?

It’s ok to feel uncomfortable in a crisis. Please pray for thoughtful, compassionate accountability and urgent actions to revitalize The Rocket Nation.