Rocket Nation Recovery Part 38 – are the wheels turning at UToledo?

1. Enrollment Census Report – is It true that UT changed their enrollment policy early this year to enable students to register for multiple semesters at once? If true, what impact did this have on Spring 2024 enrollment so far? Is it true that Spring 2024 enrollment is estimated to be down from 15,500 in Spring 2023 to 13,900 in January?

2. Assessment – is it true that UT has hired Huron Consulting to perform an assessment of enrollment?

3. Interim Contract – is it true that the Interim Vice President who has been leading enrollment from North Carolina for the past 30+ months is leaving?

4. Interim VP Replacement and Search – is it true that Huron Consulting is taking over the interim VP enrollment and retention duties? Is it true the search for a new VP Enrollment in on hold until a new Provost is hired? If true does this mean Fall 2024 enrollment will be down again?

5. Provost Search – is it true that the UT employee leading the Provost search lives in South Carolina? If true, does this mean there are no candidates with ties to UT or Toledo are being considered?

6. Colleges In The South – is it true that schools in Alabama, Georgia and North Carolina have spent three years recruiting high school students from Northwest Ohio and Ohio? Is it true that these colleges have visited Ohio high schools twice as often as UT? If true, what do southern schools see in Northwest Ohio high school students that UT leaders do not?

7. Campus Tours – is it true that high school students visiting UT have been underwhelmed and in some cases offended by their campus tours? Is it true that many UT alums, faculty, staff, administrators and trustees have not been sending their children to UT for over a decade? If true, what signal is this sending to prospective students and their families?

8. Enrollment Cliff 2025 – is it true that UT has no plan in place to address the 15% reduction in graduating high school seniors forecasted for 2025? If a plan is in place, does this explain UT’s shift away from on the ground recruiting in Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and Detroit and the shift to Denver, Washington DC, Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville and Texas?

9. Enrollment Funnel Report – is it true that trustees have never been given access to this report? If true, what data are trustees using to assess UT leadership performance for Fall 2024? Is it true that the enrollment funnel for Fall 2024 is flat compared to this time last year for the number of inquiries, applications, admitted, and confirmed?

It’s ok to feel uncomfortable in a crisis. Please pray for thoughtful, compassionate accountability and urgent actions to revitalize The Rocket Nation.

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