Rocket Nation – here’s the press release from yesterday’s UToledo emergency board meeting.

Here’s The Blades interpretation

What is your interpretation? How do the 60% of Rocket Nation members that live beyond 50-miles from Toledo interpret this?

How does ChatGPT interpret the press release? 

ChatGPT negative interpretation – – “The University of Toledo Board of Trustees conducted its annual review of the president during a special meeting on Monday. While the board, expressed support for UToledo’s leader and leadership team, their statements could be seen as mere lip service. The claim that the board is committed to taking care of the institution might be interpreted as a superficial attempt to placate the community and some board members. The board’s emphasis on bold leadership, creativity, and collaboration to address challenges might be viewed as a way to divert attention from actual shortcomings and problems within the university. Despite the boards expression of support, the fact that they only approved a 2% wage increase and chose not to award performance incentive compensation could suggest that there are concerns about the financial stability of the university and the effectiveness of its leadership.”

ChatGPT positive interpretation – – “The University of Toledo Board of Trustees conducted its annual review of leadership during a special meeting on Monday. The board expressed their support for UT’s leader and leadership team. The board further stated that The University of Toledo is Toledo. We are serious about taking care of an institution beloved by each of us on the Board of Trustees and our community. We understand the challenges the University is facing and support UT’s leader and the strong leadership team that will face those challenges through bold leadership, creativity, and collaboration. Trustees approved a 2% wage increase for Postel, which is aligned with the salary increase given to non-bargaining unit employees for fiscal year 2024. Citing the current financial conditions for the University, the Board did not award performance incentive compensation.”

The Trustees should be commended for a spirited dialog, public acknowledgement of the financial crisis, and acceptance of fiduciary accountability for the 2023-24 fiscal year. A positive step forward. Good job!

If you were a Trustee, what would you like to see on the September 27th board meeting agenda? Will operational and tactical plans to solve the financial, enrollment and morale crisis be presented? How will the trustees measure progress each month? Should the plans and metrics be made public in September?

Please pray for thoughtful, compassionate accountability and urgent actions to revitalize The Rocket Nation.