Rocket Nation Sadness Part 8 – UToledo enrollment data. If you were a pilot and your altimeter showed 13,800 feet and climbing, but your co-pilot’s showed 12,800 feet and descending, and your flight engineers showed 11,900. What would you do?

Would you recline your seat and dream about attending conferences every few weeks? Would you facilitate your co-pilot, flight engineer and air traffic control to fix the problem? Or would you sit silent and not talk about it?

Some First Class passengers are arguing that the altitude is 13,800 because they know the pilot. They are telling passengers to stop talking and mind their own business. Other First Class passengers also know the Pilot and are deeply concerned. They see the disconnect and have been asking questions since the flight took off. 

Passengers in the rear of the aircraft are hearing the commotion. They’re asking passengers close to first class what is going? The far back of the aircraft its eerily silent. Some passengers are crying. Some are praying. Others are have given up because they’ve experienced flights like this for 20-years.

Columbus air traffic control is receiving calls from pilots in nearby planes, passengers, CEOs and politicians whose family members are on the aircraft. They’re asking what is causing the different altitude reports? Why is the pilot not facilitating their team to resolve the problem? Why is the pilot not talking to the passengers? Is the pilot even in the cockpit?

Here’s a link to the official UToledo enrollment census data reported from 2008 through 2022. It’s been available to you and the Trustees since 2008. What do you think?

Is it true that the Fall 2023 enrollment forecast shows under 11,400 full-time students a decline from 11,977 last Fall? Is it true that denied first year student applications are down over 100 students (more accepted) and Pell Grants are up? What does this mean to retention in Spring 2024? Is it true that graduate enrollment is down from 3,626 to a forecast of 2,800? Is it true that direct from high school enrollment is below 1,800? If you were the VP Enrollment would you be in the office rallying your team, the Deans and the entire Rocket Nation 24 x 7 to stop the decline?

In 2021, when the pilot entered the aircraft the data showed nearly a decade of decline. What steps have been taken to stop the decline? Has the pilot positioned The Rocket Nation for big enrollment wins or more devastating loses? How bad will it be in Fall 2024? Where is the pilot leading The Rocket Nation? What is the plan and how can The Rocket Nation help?

If you were the Chair of the UT Board of Trustees would you call an emergency meeting to discuss this today or wait? Please keep praying for the Governor, Chancellor, Will Lucas, the Trustees and passengers on the aircraft.