Rocket Nation Sadness Part 6 – in Summer 2021 Ohio University brought in a new President. The outgoing President had the self-awareness, courage and love of OU to step down. A retired Dean from the OU Family. An insider who knew the institution. He immediately focused tactically on enrollment along with his Deans and the rest of the OU Team.

In Fall 2022, OU experienced their largest incoming freshman class ever – – 4,411 up by 21%. They are tracking to beat that number this year.

OU turned their enrollment numbers around in less than 2-years. Current UToledo leadership started in 2020 almost two years before OU’s new President. Are you curious what decisions the OU President made vs. UToledo’s? What lessons can UToledo learn from Ohio University’s overnight turnaround?

If you were Will Lucas and the UToledo Board of Trustees would you give out leadership bonuses, renew their contracts, ask them to resign or take a board vote to remove leadership immediately? Would you accept current leadership blaming the last administration for the crisis?

Does current leadership have the skills, desire and community support to lead the turnaround? Are the deans, department chairs and faculty rallying to support the current President? If you were the President would you love UToledo enough to step down?

Is the UToledo Board of Trustees not taking action because they support the administration or are they divided? If they’re divided then what’s next?

Please join me in praying for Will Lucas and the UToledo Board of Trustees to act quickly to save The Rocket Nation.