Rocket Nation Sadness Part 4 – with UToledo enrollment and financials in free fall decline. With a lack of inspired, creative and capable leadership in place. What would you do if you were a CEO or owner of a company in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan?

Would you contact the Governor of Ohio and Chancellor of the Ohio Board of Regents and request that UToledo be merged with Bowling Green State University? Would you look at the kind, inspired, creative, can-do leadership of Rodney Rogers and ask him to clean up the mess in Toledo? 

Would you ask them to merge UToledo with Ohio State and place Kristina Johnson in charge of cleaning up the mess in Toledo?

What would a merger like this do to UToledo Athletics? 

Would you ask the Governor and Chancellor to accept the resignation of UToledo’s current leadership so an emergency rebuilding of The Rocket Nation could immediately begin?

As a CEO and business leader what other options would you consider presenting to the Governor and Chancellor? When would you reach out to them?