Rocket Nation Sadness Part 3 – so with UToledo enrollment in a free fall decline is it true that dorm occupancy is down from around 3,600 to a little over 1,400? Is it true that the President just gave the VP of Enrollment a contract extension to December 2023?

With your enrollment leader in North Carolina and an administrative team adrift – –¬†what questions would you be asking if you were a member of the UToledo Board of Trustees?

What actions would you expect your peers on the UToledo Board of Trustees to take to address the enrollment emergency? What actions would you personally take as a board member to help with the enrollment emergency?

If you were just sworn in as the new Chairman of The UToledo Board of Trustees would you immediately call for a Board vote to remove the President? Would you call for this vote at your first meeting in August before your board planning retreat and the school year begins? What if a vote to remove the President would end up costing UToledo seven figures in severance? Knowing the severity of the situation and the cost of the severance, would you personally vote to remove the President?

What should The UToledo Board of Trustees do to save The Rocket Nation?