Rocket Nation Sadness Part 2 – – if you were leading a university with a capacity of 24,000 students and your enrollment was down by 50% (to 12,000) would you hire a VP of Enrollment whose last four employers had less than 3,000 students each?

One wonders what best practices the UToledo Enrollment Team and our Deans have learned over the past 2 1/2-years from our enrollment leaders past employers:

1. Pennsylvania Highlands Community College (6-months) – 3,022 students
2. Union College (KY) – 1,203 students
3. Georgia Southwestern State University – 2,467 students
4. Sul Ross State University – 1,973 students

One also wonders what the UT Admissions Team has learned from our VP Enrollment who lives in North Carolina and has visited Toledo less than 60-days in the past 2 1/2 years? How many prospective students, parents and high school guidance counselors has he met with? How many alumni with high school age students has he met with?

If you were leading UToledo through an enrollment crisis would you expect your enrollment leader to live in North Carolina? What actions would you take to fix this situation? Who would you hold accountable? When would you take action to fix this problem?