Rocket Nation Recovery Part 3 – as a UToledo volunteer for nearly 40-years it’s interesting to watch how things are unfolding inside the university and in the business community.

While that’s working its way through, here’s another example of the countless world class academic programs at UToledo. The Medical Microbiology and Immunology Research Program. This program just received a $7M grant to further upgrade their already world class facilities. Please take a moment to share this information with everyone you know.

Let’s help Jason Huntley bring 500 or more high school students from around the world to UToledo. Are your son or daughter interested in a career in Microbiology and Immunology Research?

Please InMessage Jason. Thank him for his positive, energetic and results driven leadership. Ask him if your company can become a sponsor to help double the size of the program. Ask if you can make a personal donation so he can exponentially grow the program. Brag to your friends about this program.

Jason, you and your team make The Rocket Nation Proud!!

Take 5-minutes right now to help UToledo grow enrollment. Let’s flood high school seniors from around the country to campus starting today.