Rocket Nation Recovery #24 – Thank you for the insights and questions about Grand Valley State University. A couple of your questions caught my eye . “Is it possible that UToledo is losing direct from high school students to Grand Valley State University?

As a forward looking trustee preparing for the September 27th UToledo board meeting would you expect a conversation comparing UT to Grand Valley State University in Michigan?

1.In 1982 Grand Valley had 6,366 students. Today they have 22,269.
In 1982 Toledo had approx. 21,000. Today UT has 15,013. It’s important to note that when you remove the UT Medical College from these numbers to get an apples to apples comparison to 1982 – – UT has approx. 13,800 students. Would you explore what decisions Grand Valley leaders and trustees made that led to a 72% increase in enrollment over the past 40-years? Would compare those decisions to those made by UToledo UT leaders and trustees that led to a 35% decline? What lessons can be learned?

2.Over the past 6-years, Grand Valley enrollment has been flat or declined – – similar to UToledo. But in Fall 2023 they recorded the largest first year enrollment ever – – with 4,974 new students (up 25% from Fall 2022) – – compared to UToledo’s approx. 2,800 (with approx. 1,800 direct from high school). Would you compare Grand Valley’s enrollment decisions and actions over the past couple of years to UToledo’s? What lessons can be learned?

Here’s the second question you raised. “Have UT leaders or trustees met high school guidance counselors from Sylvania Northview and Southview, Perrysburg, Anthony Wayne, and other Toledo area schools about their experience with Grand Valley’s admissions team?” Would you want to hear directly from Toledo area high school students about their experience with Grand Valley State University? What lessons can be learned?

As a trustee, with year four underway, how confident are you that UToledo leaders are looking at the right data, talking to the right people, and making the right decisions to address the enrollment, financial, and morale crisis?

How confident are you that they can adapt fast enough in October, November and December to stop an enrollment decline in Fall 2024?

It’s ok to feel uncomfortable in a crisis. Please pray for thoughtful, compassionate accountability and urgent actions to revitalize The Rocket Nation.