Rocket Nation Recovery Part #23 – it’s important that we celebrate when UToledo has a win – – as an institution, in academics, in research, with students, in sports, with alumni, and all other wins.

UToledo moving up from 285 to 280 in the national university rankings in US News and World Reports in a win. A cause for celebration. It’s no different than scoring a touchdown in a football game. The cannon goes off and The Rocket Nation rises to cheer and celebrate. It’s a great feeling!

As a forward looking trustee, would you expect a board conversation to compare UToledo to other universities rankings? While celebrating this year’s win would you want to see a plan for UToledo to achieve rankings higher than Miami, UCincinnati and OU? Would you be concerned that Grand Valley State University in Michigan is ranked 236? How would you interpret these rankings?

1. Ohio State University = 43 (up from 2022 @ 49)
2. Miami University = 133 (down from 2022 @ 105)
3. University of Cincinnati = 142 (down 2022 @ 151)
4. Ohio University = 178 (up from 2002 @ 182)
5. Kent State University = 227 (down from 2022 @ 212)
6. Grand Valley State University = 236
7. University of Toledo = 280 (up from2022 @ 285)
8. Bowling Green State University = 280 (down from 2022 @ 263)
9. Cleveland State University = 320 (up 2022 @ 331)
10. University of Akron = 361
11. Wright State University = 394

We all agree that UToledo should celebrate this year’s progress in the rankings. It’s great to see UToledo moving up. Good job!

But when the celebration ends, as a forward thinking trustee, are you satisfied with being ranked 7th when compared to the schools above? Could/Should UToledo use this as an opportunity to drive radical, urgent change and energize The Rocket Nation to chart a course to overtake UCincinnati in these rankings?

Is it ok to celebrate the win but expect more from UToledo? Is it time to set the bar higher?

It’s ok to feel uncomfortable in a crisis. Please pray for thoughtful, compassionate accountability and urgent actions to revitalize The Rocket Nation.