Rocket Nation Recovery Part #21 – Interesting spin on the Fall 2023 UToledo enrollment numbers and graduation rates. What’s your take on the message?

If you were a trustee reading this press release and preparing for the September 27th board meeting, would you want to:

1. Know what decisions were made by UToledo leadership three years ago to anticipate and proactively address the “increased graduation rates and large classes of students crossing the stage to earn their diploma.” Would you review the enrollment predictions made in the 2014 Strategic Enrollment Plan approved by the board? What predictions did that plan make about the need to change recruiting tactics?

2. Assess the institution to see if a culture of apathy has taken hold of decision making? Are leadership and trustee expectations so low that a 5% decline in enrollment compared to last years 8% decline is considered a victory?

3. See the actual GPA numbers for the direct from high school students? Would you want to know if UToledo lowered its academic standards to increase DHS enrollment? If DHS standards were lowered, would you want to forecast/anticipate the impact on Spring 2023 and Fall 2024?

4. See the actual 4-year, 5-year and 6-year graduation rates since the merger with the Medical College of Ohio in 2006?

5. Review the specific “enhancements” made to UToledo recruitment efforts over the past three-years? Would you want to know what process improvements were put in place 3-years ago and review the metrics to see what progress has been made? What enhancements are in place over the next 3-months to improve Fall 2024 enrollment?

6. Study the decisions made by BGSU, OU, Miami, Cincy and other universities around the country to anticipate and address the “declining numbers of high school graduates attending college both in Ohio and across the country? What can UToledo leadership learn from the institutions that have outperformed them over the past ten years?

It’s ok to feel uncomfortable in a crisis. Please pray for thoughtful, compassionate accountability and urgent actions to revitalize The Rocket Nation.