Rocket Nation Recovery Part 13 – UToledo enrollment census report. Thank you for all of the messages yesterday! You’re asking great questions about the historic enrollment data. Yes, there is a great deal of confusion about the numbers.

Here’s a link to the official enrollment census reports that UToledo reports to the State of Ohio. The reports are typically filled 10-15 days after the first day of classes. So, the Fall 2023 report is due in about a month.

Note that enrollment is broken down into multiple categories. Take a look at the reports. What trends do you notice? Keep in mind that UToledo and the Medical College of Ohio merged in 2006. So, the reports prior to 2006 only include UToledo. Will post reports from 1970 to 2006 in a future post.

Did today’s UToledo enrollment, financial and morale crisis begin in 2006? What is your interpretation of the data?

It’s ok to feel uncomfortable in a crisis. Please pray for thoughtful, compassionate accountability and urgent actions to revitalize The Rocket Nation.