Rocket Nation Recovery Part 12 – another interesting story from The Blade.
What does Bowling Green State University’s record enrollment of 3,550 students mean to UToledo?

Is it true that UToledo’s first year students direct from high school will be under 1,800? Is it true that total first year students will transfers, part-time and international students will be under 2,400?

What impact did UToledo’s leadership bold and creative decision to sustain an Interim Vice President of Enrollment over the past three years have on recruitment? What impact will the Interim VP’s contract ending in December 2023 have on Fall 2024 enrollment? Is it already too late for Fall 2024? Will leadership hire another Interim VP Enrollment?

If you were a Trustee would you expect leadership to hire a VP Enrollment that has history with and a love for UToledo and Toledo? Would you expect them to personally get to know high school guidance counselors across OH, MI, IN, PA, KY and WV? Would you expect them to have strong collaboration skills inside the institution and with UT alums? What other criteria would you use to screen and select the next VP Enrollment?

If you were a Trustee would you want this to be a topic at the September 27th board meeting? Would you want the job description and expectations of the next VP Enrollment to be made public on the board of trustees website landing page?