Rocket Nation Recovery Part 10 – – as you enter the weekend please pray for the UToledo Board of Trustees. According to the UToledo Board webpage they will convene a remote meeting on Monday, August 14th. One item is on their agenda “executive session to discuss the employment and compensation of a public employee.”

Thank you for the avalanche of emails and messages over the past three hours. My advice to The Rocket Nation is simple. Please do not speculate about the outcome of that meeting. Let the Board of Trustees exercise their fiduciary accountability. Only they have answers to the questions that have been asked. Only they know the strategic direction that UToledo is heading. Only they have responsibility for: 

1. Setting performance goals and bonuses. The BOT set performance goals in July 2022? Were they tied to improving the morale, enrollment and financial position of UToledo? Or were they tied to other activities unrelated to the morale, enrollment and financial crisis? 

2. Employment – – The BOT responsibilities are outlined here

Regardless of the outcome of Monday’s board meeting there are questions for The Rocket Nation to ponder. If you were leading UToledo through a morale, enrollment and financial crisis would you:

1. Donate your performance bonus back to UToledo to show your support for front line employees enduring a 7% cost reduction?

2. Immediately stop travelling to conferences for the next six months to save money?

3. Urgently establish performance metrics to hold yourself and your senior leadership team accountable to improve morale, enrollment and financials?

4. Proactively and transparently share information with business leaders, politicians, alumni, students and their families to rebuild trust and energize the recovery?

It’s ok to feel uncomfortable in a crisis. Please pray for thoughtful, compassionate accountability and urgent actions to revitalize The Rocket Nation. .