Rocket Nation Preview Day 1. So, you and your high school senior and junior, are attending a concert. As you walk toward the arena you notice license plates from ten different states. WOW! This is going to be great! The salespeople and ushers are helpful, positive and energetic. Your kids are impressed. This is going to be so much better than the last ten concerts we’ve been to!

The arena is buzzing with energy. The first warm up band starts to play. The music is ok but it’s the same music you’ve already heard at the other concerts. Then the second warm up band hits the stage. The energy level is much higher. But you’ve heard that music too. But that’s ok. You’re about to see the main act.

But then the concert is over. What? Your kids are instructed to go talk to the bands promoters in the lobby. What? Where’s the band (Provost, Deans and Department Chairs, and Faculty)? You hear the out of state people say “we came all this way and the band doesn’t have time for us? What? I thought they wanted us to come here to see them?”

The front line UToledo admissions and enrollment team did a good job. They are not the problem. Their hard work and positive energy brought in nearly 600 juniors and seniors from ten states. But where was the band, the Rock Stars to close the deal? Dean Toole from the Engineering College was there working hard. Heard the President walked through for 30-minutes at the end of the event. In an enrollment and financial crisis does this make sense?

Taylor Coleman’s presentation was high energy! As an admissions counselor with 2-years at UToledo she did a great job and has a bright future ahead! Plus it was cool to see a BGSU graduate sell students on UToledo😁!

UToledo alums and their children were everywhere! What did you think of the event? How did UToledo compare to the other colleges you’ve visited?

In an enrollment crisis with 600 prospective students and an audience of over 2,000 people what impact do you think the following actions would have had:
• A rapid sequence of high energy 2-minute speeches from the President, senior leaders, successful alums, coaches and the Mayor of Toledo? 
• The Provost, Deans and Department Chairs talking to students and parents? 
• The Foundation and Development leaders and staff greeting alumni with VIP credentials to hang around their neck and personalized attention and t-shirts for the kids?
• Board Trustees, Alumni Association Board Trustees, and Foundation Board Trustees welcoming people in the parking lots and food court area? 
• Coaches, team captains, and cheerleaders walking thru the bleachers talking to people? 
• Students from Student Government, Blue Key, Greek Life and other student organizations talking to students?

What would the energy be like if the marching band played the fight song? What impact would images and stage props have?

Please keep praying for the Governor, Chancellor, Will Lucas and Trustees.