Rocket Nation Preview Day Part 2 – thank you for all the messages about the UToledo Preview Day. As mentioned in my previous posts – – I’m praying that I’m wrong. It appears that I’m partially wrong about Preview Day.

I posted that the deans, department chairs and faculty were not there. It turns out that some were there. They were out in their colleges. For the September Preview Day, would it be helpful to have signs and banners up on the stage backdrop telling people that the band is there – – but are out in their respective colleges? Would banners by the doors and in the parking lots help build awareness to visit the colleges? Should the speakers slides pound that point home – – every other slide?

How many deans, chairs and faculty were in their colleges on Preview Day? How many students and parents visited their colleges?

On a related note, many UT alums that attended Preview Day sent messages about their experiences. The message below is an example of one of the nicer ones received.

Hi Rick, as an alumni, I was at the Preview Day with two prospective seniors. Your post about the event hit all the major points I was thinking. The people around me were talking about them too. They could have put staff at keys places on the campus to direct the 75% of the people that aimlessly walked around campus after the dull 40 minute presentation. A handful of staff were doing their best. They were simply overwhelmed by the number of people there. They seemed to have little knowledge of UT’s history and famous alumni.

Thankfully I was able to give a full campus tour experience to the two seniors with me. We ran into the two boys in purple shirts in your picture. Sadly, one is leaning towards BG and the other Miami. The Preview Day didn’t wow them enough to apply to UToledo. The were underwhelmed.

We’ve heard about the decline at UT for over 10-years. Fellow alumni friends told us to not even bother looking at UToledo. Honestly, we thought they were exaggerating. Witnessing it firsthand is so incredibly sad. Most of the people sitting around us got up and left after the main event. My spouse and I are both alums. We love UToledo! But if the truth be told, we are a little embarrassed now. It’s hard to believe how dramatic the decline is. What’s happening is a disgrace. Appreciate all you are doing to raise questions and awareness!

How do other UToledo alums feel? Why are your children not attending UToledo? Many local alums state that their children want to “go away to college”. But is it true that over 60% of UToledo alums live over 100 miles from Toledo? If that’s true, why are their children not “going away to college” at UToledo?

Please keep praying that I’m wrong. Also pray for the Governor, Chancellor, Will Lucas and Trustees.