Rocket Nation Change In Direction? Today the UToledo Board of Trustees will meet in “executive session to discuss the employment and compensation of a public employee.”¬†Will this meeting mark the beginning of a reset in leadership direction or a vote of confidence to stay the course? Please pray for the Trustees and their deliberations.

If you were a Trustee would you vote to transparently share your vote(s) with The Rocket Nation?

Would you vote to continue into a 4th year on the course that leadership has led UToledo over the past three years and a performance bonus to show support? Or would you vote to change direction to urgently address the crisis?

If you voted to continue into a 4th year with leadership, what metrics would you include in the leadership performance improvement plan (PIP)? What expectations would you set to improve morale, enrollment and the financial situation? Would you vote to keep those metrics hidden from The Rocket Nation? Or would you vote to have them updated and posted weekly to bring transparency and build confidence in The Rocket Nation? How frequently would you vote for the PIP to be reviewed for progress – – weekly, monthly, quarterly, in June 2024?

If you voted to change direction would you vote for new leadership that has UToledo history and a passion to restore The Rocket Nation? Or would you vote to bring in a leader focused on their personal career with no interest in or commitment to UToledo or The Toledo Community?

It’s ok to feel uncomfortable in a crisis. Please pray for thoughtful, compassionate accountability and urgent actions to revitalize The Rocket Nation.